Westmoreland 1 Solar - Y Energy Partners
2.74MW Community Solar Plant Completed in New York
Admin | 21 March
Town of Westmoreland, NY - One of our developments in Upstate New York, a 2.74MW community solar project, is slated to go online in the next days.
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IE + YEP Logos - Y Energy Partners
Teaming Up: Tribal Nations for Green Energy and Net Zero
Admin | 16 April
We are proud to announce a partnership with Indigenous Energy.US, an organization founded by tribal members of White Earth Nation, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
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Pioneer Aerial Before - Y Energy Partners
Kickoff: 24.75MW Of Community Solar in New York
Admin | 05 March
Y Energy and Solar Generation (Kingston, NY) have kicked off site clearing in preparation of construction of a 7.5MW solar power plant in Ulster, NY. The site
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China Renewables - Y Energy Partners
White House Extends Import Tariffs On Solar Panels for 8 More Years
Admin | 08 February
On February 4, 2022, President Biden extended the existing tariffs on certain photovoltaic cells and single side solar panels for an additional 8 years.
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Kumquat 2.8MW - Y Energy Partners
Construction Complete On First Utility Scale Solar Plant
Admin | 16 December
Y Energy is proud to announce completion of our first utility scale solar project. In time for year-end, the project passed final inspection in
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FoW Saugerties - Y Energy Partners
Town OKs zoning change for Family of Woodstock solar array
mgallego | 26 October
Town board members recently approved zoning changes for Family of Woodstock toinstall solar array on its property in SAUGERTIES, N.Y. allowing to move
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Westmoreland - Sat+Plan - Y Energy Partners
New 2.74MW Solar Project Built in Westmoreland, NY
Admin | 20 October
Y Energy is proud to announce closing of an agreement to purchase Highway 233 Solar LLC and co-develop a 2.74MW community solar field together with Acadia
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Solar Field - Y Energy Partners
Y Energy Moves Into Utility Market
Admin | 22 September
Y Energy has entered into an agreement with Temo Power to develop and build its first utility-scale solar project in Delmar, MD. The 12.4MW project is divided
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U.S. Capitol
Congress Extends 26% Solar ITC until 2022
Admin | 23 December
Prior to passage of that extension, the ITC was slated to go down to 22% in 2021 and 0% for residential solar / 10% for commercial solar in 2022. All of these
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