Build with Confidence

With Y Energy as your financing partner you can focus on getting your projects built. Our principals have decades of experience in the solar industry and are experts at structured finance for renewables.

Y Energy specializes in the commercial, municipal and non-profit sector. We address and solve any financing challenges in order to provide a worry-free going-solar experience for any customer. This allows our integrator partners to focus on what they do best: building high quality renewable energy projects.

Expand Your Client Base

Y Energy has the capability, expertise, and capital to develop and finance renewable energy projects that others reject, such as:

  • small commercial projects (200kW and larger preferred)
  • unrated offtakers
  • non-taxpayers (municipalities, school districts, non-profits, churches)

This allows our installer partners to convert more leads into actual projects, so more entities can participate using green energy and saving costs.


Affordable Solar for Non-Profits

Non-profits cannot benefit from tax incentives that businesses and individuals enjoy when going solar. This puts these potential customers at a disadvantage by making the choice for green energy less attractive. We have helped many non-taxpayers enjoy significant discounts by offering prepaid power contracts with a host of advantages to the customer:

  • Discounted Price:  Tax equity investors share a portion of solar tax incentives with the non-profit
  • Easy Approval:  Your customer’s credit requirements are minimized
  • Shortest path to solar ownership at a discounted price

Go Green with No Money Down

Going green requires capital. Y Energy makes it simple to get projects financed at no upfront cost to the customer. We have a streamlined process of getting projects approved. We work with our own capital and direct investors, enabling us to quote pricing that we know is financeable.

Benefits of a Solar PPA

With a zero-down Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we take the hassle out of going solar:

  • No upfront costs to the customer
  • Energy cost savings from day one
  • In-house servicing and billing
  • Operation and maintenance is included

We have a history of delivering high quality projects to our investors. We are interested in commercial projects of 200kW or larger.

The sooner we get involved in the contracting and development process, the better we can serve you with financing options. Y Energy provides installers with vetted contracts that speed up the due diligence process and get a project approved and financed more quickly.

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