First Utility-Scale Project Underway

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Y Energy has entered into an agreement with Temo Power to develop and build its first utility-scale solar project in Delmar, MD. The 12.4MW project is divided into a 2.8MW portion -- for which construction is underway -- and a 9.6MW PV+3MW Storage portion that is currently in the final stage of CPCN issuance.

Temo Power Inc. is a global contractor and developer of renewable energy projects. It has a substantial footprint in Europe and Turkey where Temo has developed and built several hundreds of megawatts of solar, wind and biogas plants. Temo Power’s U.S. operations are headquartered in Somerset, NJ.

The current 12.4MW solar field in Delmar marks Temo’s first project in the United States. In parallel, Y Energy and Temo aim to collaborate on a series of follow-up projects totaling over 50MW, all of which are in various stages of design and development. Among them is a 13.1MW PV+Storage project scheduled to be completed in 2022.

The YEP-Temo partnership combines Temo Power’s expertise in worldwide equipment sourcing and efficient large-scale solar construction with Y Energy’s intimate knowledge of the U.S. market and its network of investment capital. It is an exciting step for both companies as we enter this market with the intent to leverage both skill sets for years to come.