New Joint Venture Between Y Energy Partners and Indigenous Energy.US

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We are proud to announce a partnership with Indigenous Energy.US, an organization founded by tribal members of White Earth Nation, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and First Nation of Canada.

Our Common Goals: Reduce or eliminate carbon footprints by offering

  • Net Zero Housing / Communal Buildings (new construction and retrofit)
  • Renewable Energy Solutions for Heat and Electricity
  • National Awareness Campaign
  • Financing Initiatives through
    • Indigenous Sovereign Wealth Fund
    • Government Grants & Guarantees
    • Tax-efficient Capital

Wealth and Job Creation for Tribal Nations

One important feature of our collaboration will be a joint effort to create well-paid jobs for many tribal members in construction and manufacturing. We believe that the energy sector provides exceptional opportunities for tribes to establish a strong workforce of skilled labor. Our projects in planning and under development can provide hundreds of long-term jobs nationwide -- jobs that we aim to make available for tribes that are often struggling with high unemployment.

Access to cheap energy, ownership of energy producing assets, and the development of a skilled workforce are keys to wealth creation for the Native American population and provide a fantastic addition to tribal economic development. A few job training programs are already ongoing. We plan to increase the tribal workforce in the solar industry substantially over the next months.