A Better Way To Go Solar
Y Energy provides all-in-one turnkey solar solutions that are fully vertically integrated. Our principals are industry experts with decades-long experience in solar construction & development, structured financing, solar management, operations & maintenance, and customer service. We have an extensive network of investors, installers and professionals nationwide providing green energy solutions to small businesses, non-profits, municipalities, hospitals, schools, and utilities.
Our Vision
At Y Energy, we believe that distributed energy generation is essential in order to meet the rapidly increasing energy demand of the 21st century. We aim to be on the cutting edge of new technologies addressing the energy transformation of a new era, including on-site generation and storage, transportation, digitalization and more.

Recent News

Westmoreland 1 Solar - Y Energy Partners
2.74MW Community Solar Plant Completed in New York
Admin | 21 March
Town of Westmoreland, NY - One of our developments in Upstate New York, a 2.74MW community solar project, is slated to go online in the next days.
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IE + YEP Logos - Y Energy Partners
Teaming Up: Tribal Nations for Green Energy and Net Zero
Admin | 16 April
We are proud to announce a partnership with Indigenous Energy.US, an organization founded by tribal members of White Earth Nation, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
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Pioneer Aerial Before - Y Energy Partners
Kickoff: 24.75MW Of Community Solar in New York
Admin | 05 March
Y Energy and Solar Generation (Kingston, NY) have kicked off site clearing in preparation of construction of a 7.5MW solar power plant in Ulster, NY. The site
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China Renewables - Y Energy Partners
White House Extends Import Tariffs On Solar Panels for 8 More Years
Admin | 08 February
On February 4, 2022, President Biden extended the existing tariffs on certain photovoltaic cells and single side solar panels for an additional 8 years.
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Kumquat 2.8MW - Y Energy Partners
Construction Complete On First Utility Scale Solar Plant
Admin | 16 December
Y Energy is proud to announce completion of our first utility scale solar project. In time for year-end, the project passed final inspection in
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FoW Saugerties - Y Energy Partners
Town OKs zoning change for Family of Woodstock solar array
mgallego | 26 October
Town board members recently approved zoning changes for Family of Woodstock toinstall solar array on its property in SAUGERTIES, N.Y. allowing to move
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Westmoreland - Sat+Plan - Y Energy Partners
New 2.74MW Solar Project Built in Westmoreland, NY
Admin | 20 October
Y Energy is proud to announce closing of an agreement to purchase Highway 233 Solar LLC and co-develop a 2.74MW community solar field together with Acadia
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Solar Field - Y Energy Partners
Y Energy Moves Into Utility Market
Admin | 22 September
Y Energy has entered into an agreement with Temo Power to develop and build its first utility-scale solar project in Delmar, MD. The 12.4MW project is divided
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U.S. Capitol
Congress Extends 26% Solar ITC until 2022
Admin | 23 December
Prior to passage of that extension, the ITC was slated to go down to 22% in 2021 and 0% for residential solar / 10% for commercial solar in 2022. All of these
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